njBIZloan Connection, LLC is now cuBIZloan.com

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For Immediate Release
February 6, 2020



njBIZloan Connection, LLC is proud to announce its new name cuBIZloan.com.

Harrisburg PA, Hightstown NJ and Boca Raton, FL – Effective February 1, 2020, njBIZloan Connection, LLC will begin operating as cuBIZloan.com.

This rebrand is in conjunction with the company’s expansion into the Pennsylvania and other credit union markets with its business partner, CrossState Solutions, Inc.

cuBIZloan.com is an exclusive service for member credit unions of the CrossState Credit Union Association Our solutions are tailored to a credit union’s available capital, capabilities, and needs giving credit unions of all sizes an opportunity to take part in commercial lending collaboratively by providing business loan referrals, lead lending activities, or participations.

cuBIZloan.com is a partnership between Biz Lending & Insurance Center, Inc. and CrossState Solutions, Inc. Our mission is to help credit unions affordably provide a full range of products specifically designed to satisfy a business owner’s financial and development needs. For more information call (609) 270-0200 or visit cuBIZloan.com.

CrossState Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned, for-profit subsidiary of the CrossState Credit Union Association, which represents 519 credit unions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with more than $63 billion in assets. CrossState Credit Union Association was formed by the merger of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association and the New Jersey Credit Union League in 2020. To learn more please visit crossstate.org.

For More Information:
Murray Halperin
Managing Member
cuBIZloan, LLC
(609) 270-0200

Mike Wishnow
SVP, Marketing & Communications
CrossState Credit Union Association
(717) 839-2213

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